Response to any complaint or query from the customer, whether written or verbal, will be prompt, correct and easy to understand.

We welcome the opportunity to investigate issues with the ultimate aim of improving the services offered to the customer.

If a complaint is received about the service we provide, we will ensure that our staff can help and, if possible, resolve it there and then.

We will always encourage our frontline staff to try to resolve problems, whether it be our engineer, our operator or our delivery teams. If they are unable to do so, then the respective regional supervisor or manager should be able to help and provide an immediate response or solution.

Definition of a Complaint

A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction about our action or lack of action, or about the standard of service provided by us or on our behalf by a third party contracted to us.

A complaint may concern:

  • Failure to meet expectation of the quality and standard of any service we provide;
  • Failure to provide a service as contracted;
  • Inappropriate behaviour by a Pelican Rouge Coffee Solutions’ member of staff or a contracted 3rd Party;
  • Failure of Pelican Rouge Coffee Solutions to follow an appropriate administrative process;
  • Dissatisfaction with Pelican Rouge Coffee Solutions’ policies and procedures.

A complaint may involve more than one aspect of the above.

Definition of a Query

A query is any question raised by the customer concerning an Pelican Rouge Coffee Solutions process or procedure raised in order to check its validity or accuracy.

A query may concern:

  • A routine, first-time request for a service;
  • A request for information or an explanation of policy or practice;
  • A request for further investigation into an alleged error.


Making a Complaint

Complaints should be received within 1 month of:

  • The issue arising;


  • The discovery that there is a reason to complain.

In exceptional circumstances complaints may be accepted after this time limit if the customer can explain to Pelican Rouge Coffee Solutions’ satisfaction why the time limit should not apply.

Complaints should be resolved quickly and close to the date when the issue arises.

At this stage a decision or update will be provided within five working days unless there are exceptional circumstances. However, resolution could be by means of an apology and an explanation at the time if something has clearly failed to meet agreed standards, together with immediate agreed actions to address the issue.

If the customer is dissatisfied with the response at this point the customer may choose to take the complaint to Stage 2. This may be done immediately or within a short time of being informed of the initial decision.

Stage 2 will escalate the complaint to the Customer Services Manager. Stage 2 deals with two types of complaint:

1. Those which have not been resolved at Stage 1;

2. Those which are complex and require detailed investigation.

Stage 2 may involve a complaint which has not been resolved at Stage 1 and which is complex and requires detailed investigation.

Complaints will be accepted in person or by telephone. However, in the interests of clarity and in order to assist the investigation process, the customer is encouraged to e-mail full details to together with any supporting documentation. These documents will be circulated to the member of staff investigating the complaint, any staff named in the complaint and relevant staff in any department involved in the complaint.

At Stage 2 Pelican Rouge Coffee Solutions will:

  • Acknowledge receipt of the complaint within three working days and inform the customer of the next steps in the process;
  • Discuss the complaint with the customer to understand why there is still dissatisfaction and the outcome being sought;
  • Provide a full response to the complaint as soon as possible and within 20 days at the latest;
  • Agree revised timescales with the customer if the investigation will take longer than 20 days and keep the customer updated on progress;
  • Endeavour to improve the complaints process based on identifying the reasons for the escalation if it is the result of dissatisfaction with the outcome of Stage 1 because of the handling of the complaint.

All complaints will be fully and fairly investigated and reasonable endeavours made to address all issues raised.

Senior management are kept updated with customer correspondence and will take appropriate action where necessary to improve services as a result of complaints received. We welcome the opportunity to investigate issues with the ultimate goal of improving service to our customers.