Innovation is synonymous for many with the digital and tech savvy world, but is a buzzword that is slowly cementing itself in the foundations of the hospitality and tourism industries. Whether it’s checking in with QR Codes (those funny black and white patterns that look like a bizarre cross-word puzzle) or CRM systems, innovation is becoming an integral part of streamlining service and the customers’ experience of it.

Innovating in the digital age for the hospitality industry is about embracing a new mind-set! Those who are most ‘in tune’ with their customers have the ability to weave in cutting-edge technology with guest-centric systems to enhance the customer experience and optimise productivity.

The cost of innovation, training issues, and lack of pace of advances in new technology have long been barriers to taking the leap. But at Pelican Rouge Coffee Solutions our customers are seeing first-hand the long term achievement of our machine innovation far out-weighing the short-term capital and energy investment. Allegra revealed in a recent study that almost a third of guests would consider not returning to a hotel that served poor coffee – so is it about time your business thought about innovation in your coffee solution?

Working in conjunction with our customers, we have listened to their needs in order to fully understand the daily pain points experienced at a customer facing level. We have put a considerable amount of effort into our machine range in the past year to encompass the latest technology and quality to increase operational efficiency as well as create more value for customers. We are proud to work with market leading manufacturer’s and this summer see’s Pelican Rouge launch two of the most innovative machines on the market – the Eversys Range and the Schaerer Barista.

The Schaerer Barista

Training is fundamental in serving great coffee. You can have the best beans and the most expensive equipment money can buy, but if a barista with no training is making the drink then ultimately it will be poor quality.

While giving the impression of requiring fine skill with all the aesthetics, nocks and hissing of a traditional portafilter machine, the Schaerer Barista is actually a hybrid espresso machine! With hoppers hidden beneath the cup warmer, the beans are grinded straight into the group handle and milk is steamed using a fully automatic steam lance - both at the touch of a button.


The Schaerer Barista provides customers with the theatre of a traditional machine they crave while ensuring consistency and quality in every serving. If the skill set available to you isn’t quite at the level of a world champion barista, give your staff the tools for the job that will elevate their confidence and enhance their raw ability.

The Eversys Range

The Eversys Touch pad simplicity means that training and utilisation are done through intuitive navigation. Moreover, skill level whilst always beneficial is not required in this instance, producing reduced labour costs as a result of lower training and operational efficiency.

Without compromise to quality, the Eversys range produces a market-leading amount of beverages - the Eversys 4m is able to brew four coffees simultaneously and up to 350 an hour – a machine designed to keep up with the highest footfalls and consumers on the move. If your business is falling prisoner to staff juggling drinks, food preparation, and handling cash resulting in lengthy queues, maybe the Eversys range is here to solve the problem?

Eversys E4m
Eversys E4m

But perhaps the standout innovation from the Eversys range centres on minimising downtime and optimising your customers’ satisfaction. The range is built in modular format allowing our fleet of trained engineers to redress malfunction through the simple exchange of modules. Added to the ‘Push’ and ‘Pull’ telemetry system, when connected to the internet via WiFi or Ethernet, our in-house team of engineers have complete visibility of key parameters of the machine (pull telemetry) and even able to modify remotely (push telemetry) driving the costs of maintenance down and minimising downtime.

We could really go on and on about the innovation within both machines but if you would like to find out more you can find us on stand K43 at the LUNCH! exhibition 21-22nd September at ExCel London. For complimentary tickets on us register here.

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