Coffee has become a big thing, if you didn’t know that you must have been living under a rock! Fast food names like Greggs and McDonalds, and even airlines like EasyJet want a seat at the coffee table. Greggs’ CEO Roger Whiteside explains “It doesn’t matter where you go, specialist chains, fast-food operators, we’re all looking to offer coffee because customers want it”. However, in this market consumers are increasingly putting quality first. “If we want people to drink our coffee, it has to be as good as the coffee operators” that are decorating the high street!

Watch out the humble cup of tea because coffee is coming for you. Coffee has secured itself as the second largest commodity in the world after fuel for another year running so it is no wonder there is a certain expectation for quality coffee in almost every square inch of the country! The UK alone consumes 55 million cups on a daily basis and it is highly likely that your employee’s are contributing to that figure! If you aren’t providing them with their cup of Joe, someone else is – and certainly benefiting from it financially!

The hot beverage vending market is down year on year as consumers embrace the growing trend for high street bean-to-cup quality. In the hunt for superiority the average worker spends just over 22 minutes a week popping out for coffees according to a recent study by Honest Coffee. On the surface of things that doesn’t sound like the end of the world but let’s break it down…

- 11% leave work once a week to pick up coffee

- 10% step out 2 or 3 times a week

- 6% leave 4 or more times a week

- 37% of women and 24% of men make regular coffee trips to cafes to pick up a takeaway coffee

In the quest for quality coffee this can mean you as an employer are short changed by £150 on average per employee per week! With this loss of productivity from employees simply stepping outside of the office, is it about time your workplace looked for a suitable solution to encourage them to stay? Now we aren’t suggesting locking the doors and shutting all the blinds to prevent your employee’s leaving until 5:30pm is the answer, but maybe giving them the facilities they are leaving the office to find might be a start? The same report showed coffee drinkers are nearly three times more likely to stay late at work and those who regularly drink 4 to 5 cups a day are 22% more likely to work 60 minutes more than their contracted hours.

Providing employee’s with suitable and quality coffee facilities can help out in other ways too. One survey indicated 37% of employees would choose free gourmet coffee or tea over an annual staff party. Meanwhile, 61% of employees associate good hot beverage options with employers caring about their well-being. Could the perks for employers go further? Could coffee actually improve the employer-employee relationship?

Yes! Coffee has also been associated with greater productivity and creativity amongst staff with over 40% of workers claiming to have had their “most productive ideas” whilst drinking coffee. Now again we aren’t suggesting coffee is the magic ingredient to this phenomenon, more so the opportunity that the coffee break and break-out areas offer staff to interact, brainstorm and think creatively. As our working culture changes to accommodate flexible working areas, it is likely more of these moments will be realised.

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