With more people consuming food and drink on the go, vending is a great way to capitalise on this trend. In environments where people want to grab food and drink quickly or with no alternative solution available, vending can provide a quick, quality offer that makes you money. New technology such as telemetry and contactless payment make this easier than ever, and encourage consumers to spend more.

Pelican Rouge, formerly Autobar, has been operating vending in the UK for over 40 years and offers profit share models to enable you to make money. With seven depots, 650 customers focused operators and 200 engineers, we keep your machines full, clean and working to ensure snacks and hot and cold drinks are always available.

If you already have a counter, why not introduce a tabletop coffee machine to offer lattes, cappuccinos and more for your customers to buy?

To help you make the most of the opportunity, our account managers will meet with you regularly to understand your needs, share management reports and suggest promotional activities.


Pelican Rouge serves over 8.5 million cups of coffee every day. With our own roaster in Holland and over 150 years of heritage and experience we truly understand coffee. Our expert craftsmen have carefully selected and blended a range of coffees specifically tailored to UK tastes. We focus on sustainability, with over 50% of our beans already coming from certified sources, which is increasing year on year.

We have carefully selected a range of machines from market leading manufacturers to ensure that our beans are brewed to perfection every time. Our local engineers deliver high service levels giving you complete peace of mind that your machines will be installed, maintained and returned to working order as swiftly as possible in the event of any technical issues.

Our representatives will be happy to discuss the options with you.

Call us on 020 3725 4345

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