Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snacks

Nutritionally Healthy Products

Pelican Rouge's fully trained vending operators can call to stock up your vending machines with a range of healthy snacks and refreshments to complement other popular vended items.

As well as best sellers such as Walkers crisps and famous brand confectionary, our operators can supply alternative options to encourage healthy choices. Pelican Rouge now have over 300 lines that are nutritionally healthy. Cereal bars, nuts, seeds and mixed fruit bags, apricots, peanuts, banana chips and fresh fruit help to add variety and low fat alternatives to the discerning customer. Refreshing fruit juices, juice drinks, milk and yogurt based drinks offer a healthy alternative to traditional fizzy cold drinks.

Continually Updated Stock

We stock popular brand leaders together with many alternative healthy options. In fact, Pelican Rouge have a large variety of tasty and satisfying healthy snacks that is continually being updated and amended to keep up with our customers needs. Pelican Rouge's renowned operated service means you can sit back, relax and enjoy all the benefits of a superb refreshment system while we manage the day to day operation for you.

Not only will our team of fully trained uniformed vending operators keep the machines topped up with the best quality healthy drinks and snacks, but also clean and sanitise them ensuring optimum performance.

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