Ancillary Items

Catering extras and ancillary items

Pelican Rouge stock a comprehensive range of catering ancillary items including sugar sticks, creamer pots, flavourings, sauces, stirrers and biscuits.

Lotus Biscuits

Lotus original caramelised individually wrapped coffee biscuits.
No artificial colours or flavours.
Pack: 3 x 100 biscuits
6.25g per biscuit
Product Code: B407

Fairtrade Sugar Sticks

Individual one-portion white Fairtrade sugar sachets in paper sticks.  Easy to open and pour. For use in tea or coffee and other beverages.
100% Fairtrade sugar from certified sources.
Pack: 1000
Product Codes: White Sugar sticks : SUG063

White & Brown Sugar sticks

Individual one-portion white or brown sugar sachets in paper sticks.  Easy to open and pour. For use in tea or coffee and other beverages.
Pack: 1000 one portion white or brown sugar sticks.
Product Codes:
White Sugar sticks : SUG057
Brown Sugar sticks: SUG058

Creamer Sachets

Powdered whitener for use in tea and coffee.
Pack: 1000 sachets
Product Code: CRE900

Millac Maid Half Fat Pots

Half fat milk
Long life milk portions
Ambient storage
No UHT after-taste
Pack: 14ml per pot
Product Code:15MF

Plastic Stirrers

White plastic disposable stirrers for general catering use.
1500 stirrers in dispenser pack.
Pack: 1500 stirrers
Product Code: PLA170

Philibert Routin Syrup Flavourings

1883 de Philibert Routin luxury syrup flavourings for coffee
Produce delicious flavoured coffees and desserts with our range of 8 different luxury syrup flavourings. The syrups contain only natural extracts, have no artificial additives or preservatives and have zero fat content.
Pack: 1 litre glass bottle
8 ml recommended serving

Chocolate Sauces

1883 de Philibert Routin
Luxury chocolate sauce from France.
Intoxicating aroma and richly bitter taste of dark chocolate.
Each container has enough for 64 servings.
Pack: 1.89L plastic bottle (64 fl.oz)
Recommended dose: 30ml (1 fl.oz)
Available in Dark chocolate, white chocolate and caramel varieties.

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